Let’s Follow Breadcrumbs Together

I don’t have many intentional daily practices (I’m far too stubborn and independent for useful life choices like intentional daily practices) but the closest I get to one is following breadcrumbs that life kindly and mysteriously seems to lay out before me. So far they haven’t led me to any witches in the woods (although I’m still hoping).

Breadcrumbs often don’t feel or look like breadcrumbs at the time - just an interesting musing, a sentence that catches my attention and my heart, a book or author that lands in my lap, a message from a potential new client or project, or a new LinkedIn contact - but when I turn my gaze to where I’ve been, there’s a gentle and loving pathway I’ve been following.

I hope that this Substack will shape itself into breadcrumbs for both of us.

My Work

I’m Anna-Marie Swan. I used to shorten my name to Anna but I have since reclaimed its fullness. (People often mis-read, mis-pronounce, and mis-spell my name as Anne-Marie but each time that happens a kitten dies; so, up to you.)

I currently describe my work as being that of an organisational ecologist and embodied facilitator. What that broadly means is that I experience organisations and groups as intricate, living webs of relationships that are in deep relationship with everything outside of the co-created story of their edges. And that I’m fascinated with exploring what’s alive here in groups and organisations.

By focusing on how we are being together when we gather around a shared dream or need, and focusing on how we are being within the ecosystems and social systems our organisation or community is entangled in, organisations and communities can move into ever greater ecosystem, social system, and planetary stewardship - and we can move into ever greater organisational stewardship. Viewed this way, personal and organisational actions and relationships can become a pathway into right relationship.

I am the author of the Ecological Organisations Framework and the host and producer of Generative Worlding, the Founding Steward of the Ecological Organisations Constellation and the initiator and co-steward of Facilitation Pods.

This work is my activism.

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My Perspectives

My perspectives and experiences are moulded by over twenty-five years of scraggy and inconvenient health issues that often bring my gaze to my inner experiences and responses with laser focus. Over time this has brought me a relationship with life that is private, intimate, queer, intense, and utterly important.

My perspectives are also influenced by the middle space I now situate as a woman that’s no longer a young adult but not yet an elder, my white skin and middle-class upbringing in England, and chocolate; less chocolate than I'd like and more chocolate than I probably deserve.

You can find out more about my current and past focuses, along with potential breadcrumbs that might tug at your sleeve, on my website and on my LinkedIn page.

Warmest wishes,

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Ecological organisations, embodied facilitation, stewardship and commons, group dynamics, and self- and shared-enquiry.


Anna-Marie Swan

Exploring an ecology of relationality and interbeing, the more-than-human and the physical world, and the co-created story of edges, all of which saturates my work as an organisational ecologist, embodied facilitator, author, and podcaster.